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All Spells In Tibia

From official website:
Here you can see the list of all available spells. Click on any spell name to get detailed information. Please adjust the search criteria below if you want to see just certain spells. Also, you can sort the spell list by any column of your choice. For firefall crystite and rippln invite code general information about spells and magic in Tibia please see the manual.

NameGroupTypeExp LvlManaPricePremium
Animate Dead Rune (adana mort)SupportRune276001200yes
Annihilation (exori gran ico)AttackInstant11030020000yes
Avalanche Rune (adori mas frigo)SupportRune305301200no
Berserk (exori)AttackInstant351152500yes
Blood Rage (utito tempo)SupportInstant602908000yes
Brutal Strike (exori ico)AttackInstant16301000yes
Cancel Invisibility (exana ina)SupportInstant262001600yes
Challenge (exeta res)SupportInstant20302000yes
Chameleon Rune (adevo ina)SupportRune276001300no
Charge (utani tempo hur)SupportInstant251001300yes
Conjure Arrow (exevo con)SupportInstant13100450no
Conjure Bolt (exevo con mort)SupportInstant17140750yes
Conjure Explosive Arrow (exevo con flam)SupportInstant252901000no
Conjure Piercing Bolt (exevo con grav)SupportInstant33180850yes
Conjure Poisoned Arrow (exevo con pox)SupportInstant16130700no
Conjure Power Bolt (exevo con vis)SupportInstant597002000yes
Conjure Sniper Arrow (exevo con hur)SupportInstant24160800yes
Convince Creature Rune (adeta sio)SupportRune16200800no
utevo res ina "creature"SupportInstant231001000no
Cure Bleeding (exana kor)HealingInstant45302500yes
Cure Burning (exana flam)HealingInstant30302000yes
Cure Curse (exana mort)HealingInstant80406000yes
Cure Electrification (exana vis)HealingInstant22301000yes
Cure Poison (exana pox)HealingInstant1030150no
Cure Poison Rune (adana pox)SupportRune15200600no
Curse (utori mort)AttackInstant75306000yes
Death Strike (exori mort)AttackInstant1620800yes
Desintegrate Rune (adito tera)SupportRune21200900yes
Destroy Field Rune (adito grav)SupportRune17120700no
Divine Caldera (exevo mas san)AttackInstant501603000yes
Divine Healing (exura san)HealingInstant351603000no
Divine Missile (exori san)AttackInstant40201800yes
Electrify (utori vis)AttackInstant34302500yes
Enchant Party (utori mas sio)SupportInstant32Var.4000yes
Enchant Spear (exeta con)SupportInstant453502000yes
Enchant Staff (exeta vis)SupportInstant41802000yes
Energy BeamAttackInstant23401000no
Energy Bomb Rune (adevo mas vis)SupportRune378802300yes
Energy Field Rune (adevo grav vis)SupportRune18320700no
Energy Strike (exori vis)AttackInstant1220800yes
Energy Wall Rune (adevo mas grav vis)SupportRune4110002500no
Energy Wave (exevo vis hur)AttackInstant381702500no
Envenom (utori pox)AttackInstant50306000yes
Eternal Winter (exevo gran mas frigo)AttackInstant6010508000yes
Ethereal Spear (exori con)AttackInstant23251100yes
Explosion Rune (adevo mas hur)SupportRune315701800no
Fierce Berserk (exori gran)AttackInstant903407500yes
Find Person (exiva "name")SupportInstant82080no
Fire Bomb Rune (adevo mas flam)SupportRune276001500no
Fire Field Rune (adevo grav flam)SupportRune15240500no
Fire Wall Rune (adevo mas grav flam)SupportRune337802000no
Fire Wave (exevo flam hur)AttackInstant1825850no
Fireball Rune (adori flam)SupportRune274601600yes
Flame Strike (exori flam)AttackInstant1420800yes
Food (exevo pan)SupportInstant14120300no
exori minAttackInstant702004000yes
Great Energy Beam (exevo gran vis lux)AttackInstant291101800no
Great Fireball Rune (adori mas flam)SupportRune305301200no
Great Light (utevo gran lux)SupportInstant1360500no
Groundshaker (exori mas)AttackInstant331601500yes
Haste (utani hur)SupportInstant1460600yes
Heal Friend (exura sio "name")HealingInstant18140800yes
Heal Party (utura mas sio)SupportInstant32Var.4000yes
Heavy Magic Missile Rune (adori vis)SupportRune253501500no
Hell's Core (exevo gran mas flam)AttackInstant6011008000yes
Holy Flash (utori san)AttackInstant70507500yes
Holy Missile Rune (adori san)SupportRune273001600yes
Ice Strike (exori frigo)AttackInstant1520800yes
Ice Wave (exevo frigo hur)AttackInstant1825850no
Icicle Rune (adori frigo)SupportRune284601700yes
Ignite (smycken)AttackInstant26301500yes
Inflict Wound (utori kor)AttackInstant40302500yes
Intense Healing (exura gran)HealingInstant2070350no
Intense Healing Rune (adura gran)SupportRune15120600no
Intense Recovery (utura gran)HealingInstant10016510000yes
Intense Wound Cleansing (exura gran ico)HealingInstant802006000yes
Invisible (utana vid)SupportInstant354402000no
Levitate (exani hur "up|down")SupportInstant1250500yes
Light (utevo lux)SupportInstant820100no
Light Healing (exura)HealingInstant920170no
Light Magic Missile Rune (adori min vis)SupportRune15120500no
Lightning (exori amp vis)AttackInstant55605000yes
Magic Rope (exani tera)SupportInstant920200yes
Magic ShieldSupportInstant1450450no
Magic Wall Rune (adevo grav tera)SupportRune327502100yes
Mass Healing (exura gran mas res)HealingInstant361502200yes
Paralyze Rune (adana ani)SupportRune5414001900yes
Physical Strike (exori moe ico)AttackInstant1620800yes
Poison Bomb Rune (adevo mas pox)SupportRune255201000yes
Poison Field Rune (adevo grav pox)SupportRune14200300no
Poison Wall Rune (adevo mas grav pox)SupportRune296401600no
Protect Party (utamo mas sio)SupportInstant32Var.4000yes
Protector (utamo tempo)SupportInstant552006000yes
Rage of the Skies (exevo gran mas vis)AttackInstant556006000yes
Recovery (utura)HealingInstant50754000yes
exura gran sanHealingInstant602108000yes
Sharpshooter (utito tempo san)SupportInstant604508000yes
Soulfire Rune (adevo res flam)SupportRune274201800yes
Stalagmite Rune (adori tera)SupportRune243501400no
Stone Shower Rune (adori mas tera)SupportRune284301100yes
Strong Energy Strike (exori gran vis)AttackInstant80607500yes
Strong Ethereal SpearAttackInstant905510000yes
Strong Flame Strike (exori gran flam)AttackInstant70606000yes
Strong Haste (utani gran hur)SupportInstant201001300yes
Strong Ice Strike (exori gran frigo)AttackInstant80606000yes
Strong Ice Wave (exevo gran frigo hur)AttackInstant401707500yes
Strong Terra Strike (exori gran tera)AttackInstant70606000yes
Sudden Death Rune (adori gran mort)SupportRune459853000no
Summon Creature (utevo res "creature")SupportInstant25var.2000no
Swift Foot (utamo tempo san)SupportInstant554006000yes
Terra Strike (exori tera)AttackInstant1320800yes
Terra Wave (exevo tera hur)AttackInstant382102500no
Thunderstorm Rune (adori mas vis)SupportRune284301100yes
Train Party (utito mas sio)SupportInstant32Var.4000yes
Ultimate Energy Strike (exori max vis)AttackInstant10010015000yes
Ultimate Flame Strike (exori max flam)AttackInstant9010015000yes
Ultimate Healing (exura vita)HealingInstant301601000no
Ultimate Healing Rune (adura vita)SupportRune244001500no
Ultimate Ice Strike (exori max frigo)AttackInstant10010015000yes
Ultimate Light (utevo vis lux)SupportInstant261401600yes
Ultimate Terra Strike (exori max tera)AttackInstant9010015000yes
Whirlwind Throw (virkat)AttackInstant2840800yes
Wild Growth Rune (adevo grav vita)SupportRune276002000yes
Wound Cleansing (exura ico)HealingInstant1040300no
Wrath of Nature (exevo gran mas tera)AttackInstant557006000yes

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